Liberating A Dreamer

I could have ended as a fragile voice trapped in the darkness of this world, a deserted soul wandering towards your dream. But you liberated me from the shackles of burdening conventional expectations and set me free.  Raina was a headstrong picture of sophistication, she was the perfect daughter, and the prettiest personification of ideals. She…

Yellow Pages

These yellow pages tell the saga of my not so glorified but one-sided love. These meek notes are the companion of my lonesome soul waiting on this side of the world to meet someone lively next door. The night is young, the wind has gone wild, and the sky is clear with stars adding to its…

Only You Get To Decide.

Big Decisions! Sometimes decisions are taken in a matter of seconds, or a flip of a coin and they change everything – good or bad these decisions may sound, but they are yours and you have taken them in your rightful mind for your good sake.  

Life Is What We Make It.

Life, It can be a garden of Roses or a desert of Thorns, It can be a rain of Blessings or a storm of Curses Life, It is what you make it.